IT being reported to the Constabulary of Watergrass-Hill, on Wednesday last, that an unfortunate family of the name of Noonan, consisting of Noonan himself, a labourer, his wife and child of 12 months old, living at Arnagihee, had died on that day of starvation, a few of the constabulary proceeded to the hut and found the unfortunate victims lying dead on the bare floor without even a sop of straw whereon to rest their wearied limbs whilst living.

The famished child even in death, was found clinging to the bosom of its unhappy mother; and no doubt, expired in its vain attempt to extract from that withered and dried up source the fluid that would have imparted vitality and nutriment. The constabulary, with most becoming humanity, made a public collection, with the amount of which they purchased coffins, and had the wretched victims immediately interred.

In this locality, we are assured, absolute famine stalks abroad with fearful pace, as also in the localities of Gragg and Glenville; and if some steps be not immediately taken to meet the dreadful wants of the famishing population, the districts must ere long be tenanted alone by the dead.