OF all questions this is the most difficult to answer. We have sent it to the Editor of Bell’s Life, and every sporting paper, but have received no satisfactory replay. Several plans have been proposed. Some have recommended the Cold Water Cure; others, an Earthquake; and one or two bold persons have hinted at its being presented a free gift (if such a donation can be called a gift) to JOINVILLE, or LOUIS-PHILIPPE, or its being sold for what it would fetch. to the EMPEROR OF RUSSIA. None of these plans, however, have been tried, or at all events have succeeded. The place is as incurable as ever. O! that a second ST. PATRICK would rise and drive all the vermin out of the country! Ireland is not only England’s difficulty, but also her own. Her serpents and snakes in the grass make it impossible for any one who is not fond of continual hissing and stinging, to live in such a place.

Now we propose, for the benefit of Ireland, that a plan of emigration be tried on the most extensive scale. If some of the inhabitants could only be removed, we are sure the country would flourish. Conciliation Hall might be shipped to Botany Bay, and Young Ireland be exported in a body to the Hôtel de Ville. Premiums should be offered to every Agitator, corresponding with the amount of mischief he is likely to do, to induce the race of MEAGHERs and MITCHELLs to prove their real love to Ireland be leaving it.

We hope Government will appreciate our hint by instantly starting a General Irish Emigration Society. Ireland looks upon England as her natural enemy. We beg to say she is no one’s enemy but her own. The sooner that enmity is buried, the better for her, and the pleasanter for us.