OF the great Irish meeting at Tara, on the 16th instant, the Times gave a very faithful account, save in one instance. It unaccountably omitted the ceremony of the coronation of DANIEL O’CONNELL at that almost sacred spot! The crowd assembled at the ceremony was immense. ‘CONNELL addressed the multitude. He said:–

“Tara is surrounded by historical reminiscences which give it an importance worthy of being considered by every one who approaches it for political purposes, and an elevation in the public mind which no other part of Ireland possesses. We are standing upon Tara of the Kings, the spot where the monarchs of Ireland were elected, and where the chieftains of Ireland bound themselves by the solemn pledge of honour to protect their native land against the Dane and every stranger. This was emphatically the spot from which emanated every social power and legal authority, by which the force of the entire country was concentrated for the purposes of national defence. On this important spot I have an important duty to perform.”

The crowd (although the Times says nothing about it) immediately took the hint; many rushed forward; the chair and robes of state were, in a twinkling, forthcoming; and the Lion of the Fold of Judah, being unavoidably absent, Doctor CANTWELL (what a curiosa felicitas of name!) assisted by Drs. O’LOUGHLIN and KEATING, anointed O’CONNELL,–

REX HIBERNIÆ, BLARNEI GRATIA!The artist of Punch being, of course, upon the spot, was immediately favoured with a sitting by his Majesty.