THE late severe weather has compelled several packets and other vessels to put into Cove for refuge, some of them bound for North America with emigrants, whose stores, never abundant, have been so far used as not to be sufficient to carry them to the end of their voyage. It is stated that there are now in the port few short of a thousand of these unhappy people, suffering all the present and with the prospect of the greater, misery, that may be supposed in their totally friendless and destitute state.

An appeal has been set on foot to aid them to their destination; and certainly no claim calls more strongly upon the feelings of compassion. The assistance is of a kind that will not be asked again, as it was entirely unforseen that it would be required by the sufferers. When it is remembered that so many of their class have already died from want of the means to bear up against the hardships of their journey, the question, in the present case, is not so much of their degree of comfort, as of their existence; and depends on their being relieved now, when only they can receive relief.