A MEETING of the Magistrates, Officers of health and Churchwardens of the City was held yesterday at 2 o’clock, at the Cork Institute, the MAYOR in the Chair, for the purpose of making arrangements to improve the sanitory state of the city. The Chairman having represented the state of the city as being very bad, proceeded to say that, not alone was disease on the increase, but also crime, by reason of the renewed influx of country paupers into the city– three fourths of whom, failing in procuring charity, took to dishonest and disreputable occupations. In this statement several magistrates, Capt. White and Mr. Roche amongst the rest, fully concurred.

It was finally resolved, after a short conversation, to reorganise the “special constables,” with a view to protect the city from the incursions of hordes of rural paupers, now daily taking place, and also to reconstitute the Committee of Health, as it consisted in the course of last summer, the funds to meet the expenses to be obtained under the Fever Act; and the Committee to meet weekly, at the Mayor’s office, as formerly. The meeting then adjourned.