WE take the following list of deaths of parties belonging to Cork from the Quebec Morning Chronicle of Oct. 28.

From the 3rd to the 9th October– Mary Kelleher, 18, Saguenay; Pat Daily, 7, Albion; John Taylor, 61, Maria Somes, Eliza Taylor, 22, do.; Ann Lynch, 50, Asia, Marg. Taylor, 24, Maria Somes; Elizabeth Hickey, 5, do.

From the 10th to the 16th October– John Donaho, 27, Saguenay; Mich. Murphy, 24, Avon.

A Return of Money and Effects left by Emigrants who died without relatives, at Grosse Isle, from the 16th May to the 21st October, contains the following respecting passengers from vessels that sailed from Cork:–

Denis Courtenay, Agnes, 4s. 6d.; Francis Mournie, Bee, 1s; Charles McKenzie, Gilmour, 10s.; Pat Crowly, £2, £1 note brother James, Ballanally, county Cork; John Berry, Free Briton, 16s.; James Dwyer, Wakefield, 14s.; John Regan, Jessie, £3 in £1 notes, Son, Bantry, county Cork; Michael Greenock, do., 2s. 6d.; And. Shannon, Lady Flora Hasting, 2-1/2d.; Martin Sullivan, Sir H. Pottinger, 8s.; Michael Sullivan, do., £4 10s., mother, Mary, Tiernatialta, Casson, county Kerry; Peter Walsh, Free Trader, £1 6s.; Mary Flanagan, Ganges, £1; George Gordon, Saguenay, 9s.; Denis Burns, Covenanter, 2s. 6-1/2d.; Ellen Curtain, Saguenay, 12s. 6d.; Catherine Casey, Covenanter, £1; Johanna Laughlin, do., 8s. 6d.; Anthony Manley, Ganges, £1 0s. 9d.; Michael Murphy, Avon, £1 2s. 6d.; Cornelius Jeffy, Free Trader, 18s.; Honora Callacher, Sir H. Pottinger, £1 10s. 1-1/2 d.; Alexander Sutherland, Agnes, £2, seaman; E. Connell and sisters, Urania, £4 13s. 1/2 d.; sent to the Rev. Mr. Dugas; Ann Mylan, Free Trader, 4s., do.; Rd. Mehan, Covenanter, £3 sent to the Rev. B. McGauran; John Brien, Avon, £5 to be sent to Mr. Buchanan, for orphan children; Sarah Hayes, Jessie, £8, do.