We have to record another bloody deed, the result of the agrarian war which is still being waged in all its horrors between Irishmen for the soil of Ireland. The murder of Major Mahon speaks as eloquently as the great meeting at Kilmacthomas did for the establishment of tenant right. The murderous “clearances” of landlords– the still more bloody “clearances” of landlords wrought by peasants– alike proclaim the necessity of legislative interference to put an end to such criminal mutual extermination. One day we record the havoc of the landlords of West Carbery, the next we are called upon to record the havoc of the peasants of Roscommon! Where is all this to end?

Major Mahon, whose murder is the latest stain upon Ireland, was returning home about twenty minutes past six o’clock in the evening of Monday, from a meeting of the Board of Guardians of the Roscommon Union, when he was shot dead by an assassin, about four miles from Strokestown. There were two persons engaged in the nurder, according to our informants. Both fired. One piece missed fire, but the other proved fatal, lodging a heavily loaded discharge in the breast. The victim exclaimed “Oh, God,” and spoke no more.

Major Mahon was formerly in the 9th Dragoons, now Lancers, and succeeded to the inheritance of the late Lord Hartland’s estates about two years ago, the rental being about £10,000. The people were said to be displeased with him for two reasons. The first was his refusal to continue the conacre system, the second was his clearing away what he deemed the surplus population. –He chartered two vessels to America and freighted them with his evicted tenantry. In every other relation of life Major Mahon was, we believe, much respected. We understand that the Dean of St. Patrick’s, Dublin, who lately married the daughter of Major Mahon, sole heiress of her father’s property, now succeeds to him in the possession of the Hartland estates. –Freeman.