JAMES ROCHE, Esq., J.P., in the chair.
IN reply to a communication forwarded to Government by this committee, the Secretary read a letter from the Office of the Board of Health, authorising the committee to continue as a committee for fever purposes, with the same powers as heretofore.

Dr. Lyons said he was anxious to ascertain whether the Fever Committee had powers for cleansing and other purposes?

The Archdeacon replied that the act distinctly specified they were empowered with such authority.

The Secretary observed there was distinct intimation that the Board of Guardians had no power for cleansing or interments other than of the paupers remaining in their own hospitals.

In reference to the sanitory condition of the city, Dr. Jeffreys stated that there was an evident increase of fever, but a diminution of dysentery.

The Committee shortly after adjourned.