THE Skibbereen Workhouse, built for 800, is shut– holding 1340 paupers within its walls– and incapable of building any more. The beggary of that vast and deplorable district must look elsewhere. It will increase four-fold in a few months– and where shall it look? Unless Pestilence shall diminish the occupants of the Skibbereen Workhouse, the besieging paupers cannot get a meal of stirabout out of it. These last therefore must look to the death of their fellow-creatures as something to their benefit. It is an awful thing to force on the mob a disrespect for life. Who knows where it may end?

. . . The Rev. Mr. HARRINGTON of Beerhaven, has informed us of the miserable and ominous state of the people there. As in Skibbereen the Workhouse accommodation is stretched to near its utmost– and must soon cease. In Bantry and Killarney the story is the same. The Boards of Guardians are in a state of apprehension all over the country, particularly the coast country. We pronounce again and again– and those that have ears to hear let them hear! — that the winter of 1847-8 will be worse than that of 1846-7. To what is this country to be driven?