FRIDAY MORNING, OCT. 1ST.– As a pendant to the Clonakilty case of Landlordism which appeared in your last publication, I pray you will give insertion to the following distressing case which I heard this morning. –These outrages on humanity and right should be exposed to public view, that opinion may raise its potent voice and put the perpetrators down.

Joe Bennett, his wife and seven children, are lying in fever at the hospital in Curriglass, within a mile of Tallow, one lame child is left the sole occupant of his desolate cottage, five or six acres of luxuriant corn waved in his fields, but the agent of Mrs. Bowles (his landlady who I am informed lives in Youghal) had the crop cut down and canted– sold of course for near half its value. The man recovered, he visited his deserted home and despoiled fields– not a potato, nor a grain of corn to feed his family should they recover were left. He got a relapse with four of his children, and now they all lie in hospital with little hope of recovery. He was worth three or four hundred pounds five years ago, when he took the farm, and would have been able to pay the rent if his crop was sold in the legitimate course by himself. Hoping you will not deem it intrusion on my part in bringing this case before you,

I remain &c.,

F. P.