ALREADY many of the outlets of the city begin to be thronged with groups of poor people from different parts of the country, who come in here as a sort of harbour of refuge. Their arrival must be consequent on the stoppage of harvest labour, for there is no other work for them just now. When the numbers begin so early to accumulate amongst us, a month or two will have augmented them to a serious degree; we will then have to be going over our resources, as to how we shall either feed or get rid of them. Would it not be well to take time by the forelock –venienti occurrite morbo– and see how we are to deal with the influx of paupers that now threaten from the country districts? 300 country paupers arrived the week before last to the Lee Ward, and 399 for the past week. In St. Patrick’s Ward, the arrivals for the past week were 314.