SIR– Permit me to ask, through your valuable paper, the gentry and merchants of Cork, if they would aid, and help to establish, in the harbour of Cork, something like Captain Thomas and Major Beamish have done for Cosheen– viz, by advancing money to purchase the necessary gear, and getting boats sufficiently large to permit the fishermen to venture with safety further off the coast than they are accustomed at present to do. I would particularly call the attention of the Society of Friends– who last winter proved to the poor of this city that they were to them friends indeed. If some good member of their Society would undertake this, he would be doing a great good.

This winter the poor will be very badly off and any way we increase the food of the people we confer public good. Will you, Sir, publish this note, and, please God, some good man will do something to establish this valuable undertaking– let us not be waiting for Government to assist us– “Aid yourselves and Heaven will aid you,” –Your obedient servant,