We understand that arrangements are being made for the organization of a new system of poor relief for the coming season, but of the details of the system intended to be adopted we have as yet heard nothing. The only fact that has at present transpired is, that all the corn stores which were lately occupied by the Commissariat, and which were a short time since closed up, have been retaken for the purpose, of course, of laying by bread-stuffs of every description to meet the emergency expected to arise.

From everything we can learn, the harvest of this year is abundant; but still the effects of the blight that has fallen on the potato crop, will, for a long time to come, be felt by the people, for whom provision will have to be made even after the potato has regained its former healthy fecundity.

As we have observed already we know nothing as yet of the plans of the Government. All we know is, that the Commissariat staff has been again put into a state of activity, and that measures are on foot to have the depots lately occupied by that department again filled with bread-stuffs in anticipation of another season of scarcity. –Galway Vindicator