A most afflicting case of eviction, on a large scale, has been communicated to us. The scene of the expulsion is Tonnymageera, near Mount Nugent, in the county Cavan, where ninety nine houses were pulled down, and the unfortunate occupants set adrift upon the world. Five houses upon the property have for the present escaped; they have not as yet been levelled, because the occupants are afflicted with the pestilence which has so effectually aided the “clearance system.”

The estate in question is, for the present, under the administration of the Court of Chancery; but, we need scarcely say, the case is one in which the court had no discretionary power; neither had the receiver in the cause any option. He had postponed the evil day as long as he could, and, furthermore, we understand, did all in his power to alleviate the sufferings of the mass of human beings thrown out on the highways, without a home– without shelter or sustenance. –Evening Post.