WE have been informed by a Bantry correspondent of a fact which strongly bears upon the statements reported in our paper of Monday last, in connexion with that calamitous district.

It appears that a man of the name of Harrington, a smith, resident at Droumgeriffe, near Glengariff, died upon the 31th ult., from want of sufficiency of food. –His removal from the relief was in obedience to one of those general orders of the Commissioners, detailed in the proceedings before referred to, and to the additional interdict of their inspecting officer; –preventive, under pain of a total stoppage of relief in the district, to his, or any other sufferers’ name being restored to these lists within the prohibited classes.

This poor man had been ill for some time, was married, and had a family. –He had not had, for some time back, work adequate to his support, and had therefore been on the relief lists. His name was recently removed, he being in the rejected class of tradesmen. He could not have entered the Poor-house, without having abandoned his house and furniture– his forge and implements of trade.

The law had given him a right to have received relief under the Temporary Relief Act. The Commissioners, and those assuming to act for them had taken the relief thus provided for him by that law, from him. His case was one of those ready to have been gone into on the 25th instant; but the declaration which had previously been made by the Inspecting Officer, that no danger to individuals– no, not even though death was to be apprehended– would induce him to add to their lists by the of rejected names, [sic]rendered it unavailing to have urged insertion his case in particular.

An inquest would be applied for, to ascertain the cause of this man’s death, and whether it, in reality, was or not, the consequence and result of those recent orders; but that the magistrates have declared before, as reported heretofore by us, that they would hold no more inquests in cases of this description. It was a safe and cautious determination.

At whose door does this death lie?