THE BOARD of GUARDIANS met on SATURDAY last, 7th inst.

ROBERT NETTLES, Esq, V.C., in the Chair. Ten other Guardians in attendance.

Number of paupers in the Workhouse . . . . 576
Deaths in the week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

After the usual routine business was gone through DANIEL LUCY, Esq., rose and proposed the following resolution, which was seconded by PATRICK RONAYNE, Esq, and adopted with unanimous approbation:–

“RESOLVED– That the Famine and Fever which have this year afflicted this unfortunate country is a visitation of Divine Providence, over which no class of persons in this country had any control, and that it is unjust to visit such a misfortune on Ireland, by taxing her people with the expenses of it, and we are of opinion that the entire expense of the Temporary Relief and Fever Acts, should be made a charge on the Empire at Large, and that this Resolution be transmitted to Lord JOHN RUSSELL, calling his Lordship’s immediate and earnest attention to it.”

The meeting shortly after separated.