COUNTY OF ANTRIM — RANDALSTOWN, 13TH JULY. –I am happy to say that, from the general appearance of the whole face of the country, everything promises well. –On the 17th March, I set a small quantity of potatoes (Wellingtons), and this day I tried them, and found them perfectly free from all appearance of disease; those of my neighbours are equally fruitful and healthy. Northern Whig.

COUNTY OF FERMANAGH. –Fine new potatoes were sold in this town, yesterday, at 1-1/2 d. per lb. We have been informed by a practical agriculturist, and excellent gardener, that the diminution in the potato crop will be comparatively small this season, considering the quantity planted. The gardener of Captain Corry has tried an experiment on some seed imported from Holland. All are perfectly sound up to the present time. –Enniskillen Chronicle.