(From the American Papers.)

IMMIGRANTS, &c. –There arrived at Quarantine, on Saturday, the schooner Boston, with 31 immigrant passengers; brig Russia, from Galway, with 80 (several sick); bark Abbot, Lord, from Liverpool, with 179; on Sunday, the brig C. Rogers, from Cork, with 59; and Monday morning, the brig Wasega, from Kilrush, Ireland, with 80, total 420. Up to Monday there were 237 inmates of the hospitals at Deer Island, which number will probably be increased by the vessels just arrived. –Since the 20th of May there have been 312 in the hospital there, 55 of whom have been discharged, as well, and 20 have died. At the Almshouse there have been no attacks of ship fever for the last five days; and those sick are mostly convalescent. We are sorry to learn that a young son of the late superintendent is very low of this disorder, and fears are entertained of a fatal result.

QUEBEC, JUNE 15. –Extract from a letter dated Chathat, Mirimichi, June 3– “Captain Thain, of the ship Loosthank, 636 Tons, from Liverpool to Quebec, out 7 weeks, had, when she left Liverpool, 348 passengers on board of which 117 have died, and out of the ship’s crew only five are able to work. Ship’s sails are much split and the jib and fore sails are carried away. Within the last three days, 35 of the passengers have died, and out of the whole number on board only 20 have escaped sickness. The captain requires immediate assistance to bring the ship up the river. One hundred of the passengers are sick and the crew unable to work. The captain says that he and his crew will be compelled to leave the ship, unless assistance is sent, as they consider their lives in danger.

Extract from another letter: –CANSO, MAY 26.– News reached here to-day, by a schooner, that a vessel bound to Quebec, with 400 passengers, on board, was totally wrecked on the Scatarie Islands during the easterly storm last week; and, shocking to relate, only six persons out of the whole were saved.

A pilot who came up from below to-day states that he saw a vessel ashore on Red Island Reef– sternport out and full of passengers.

The bark Lady Constable, from Liverpool, arrived at Charlottetown, P.E. Island, on the 14th ultimo., with 419 immigrants on board. On being visited by the health officer it was found that 25 persons had died on the passage.

MORE IMMIGRANTS.– The arrivals on Tuesday at Quarantine, amounted to 309– 200 in the Coquimbo from Limerick; 74 in the Almira from Cork; and 35 in the Emily from Waterford. They are represented as being in a more healthy condition than most of the previous arrivals. No death has occurred, except in one instance where the individual jumped overboard. –Whig.

The arrivals at quarantine on Wednesday amounted to 364– in the Mary Ann from Liverpool, 185; Bevis from Dublin, 40; Louisiana from Cork, 102; Lucy Ann, Liverpool, 37. There was no sickness or deaths aboard the first and none reported in the others.

The Montreal Pilot thus feelingly alludes to the doomed people of Ireland:–

Here, in Canada, they hoped to find a grave for all their troubles; nor was the hope illusory, for thousands of them have found graves on the banks of the St. Lawrence, –far, far, from the friends of their childhood, and from those early associates which, even in the dying hour, bring consolation to the sufferer. Alas! no mother’s hand closed the pallid lip of the dying; –neither brothers nor sisters heard the agonising struggle of the spirit, eager to free herself from her loathsome prison, and wing her flight to the kingdom of her Creator.