THE weather, which for several weeks past has been favourably tempered by alternate rain and sunshine, has for the last four days, been increasing in heat, unaccompanied by any showers. The glass, in the city, is up to 80. The crops under such circumstances, are growing rapidly to maturity; and we are very happy to state that, from every account and from all sides, we have assurances of their perfect health and vigor.

The potato-crop, to which especially the eyes of the country are continually and anxiously turned, looks as sound and as fine as ever it did. In a little time we may expect to see our old familiar friends in their usual places in our markets. Some time ago, a gentleman, writing from Cable Island, spoke of the existence of something like disease i nthe potato-gardens there. He now sends us the following comfortable assurances:–

TO THE EDITOR OF THE CORK EXAMINER.Ring House, July 1st, 1847.
SIR– Since I wrote to you on the 10th June, I have been an attentive observer of the Potato Crop in this neighbourhood, and am now truly happy in saying, that they have completely recovered from what I then conceived to be “the blight,” and are now progressing rapidly to maturity, with every fair prospect of yielding an abundant crop.I have the honour to be, Sir, your obedient servant,