THIS is the sad proclamation which it is our painful duty to make this day. O’CONNELL, the veteran leader of Ireland, the advocate of universal freedom, is no more! He breathed his last, at Genoa, on the 15th of this month, in the 72d year of his age. Full of years, full of honours, and full of woes, the Illustrious LIBERATOR of Ireland yielded up his soul to his CREATOR, by whom he was endowed with great intellectual powers and exalted attributes, to carry out the wise and merciful intentions of PROVIDENCE in favour of a stricken land and an enslaved race.

It was his anxious hope that he might be allowed to reach Rome, the centre of the Catholic World, and kneel at the feet of the PONTIFF who now fills the Chair of PETER. But that hope was frustrated by fate; and in the city of Genoa– far, far away from the home of his affections, and the theatre of his glory, the LIBERATOR expired.

This is a sad and terrible announcement for this afflicted country, torn as it is by dissension, and decimated by famine and pestilence. O’CONNELL dead! –the only man to whom all turned with a feeling approaching hope, in the midst of national distress and national despair. He dead! –the only man who could right the sadly-tossed vessel, or infuse life and energy into the despairing crew. . .