WE perceive, by the report of the meeting of the Local Board of Health held yesterday, that the MAYOR expressed his intention of calling a Public Meeting, in compliance with a requisition signed by some of the citizens, to petition against Out-door Relief. We know not the names attached to the requisition, nor any more of the matter than what we have seen in the report alluded to; but we have no hesitation in adopting the emphatic denunciation of Dr. LYONS against an intended opposition so inhuman and so cruel.

The Workhouse is filled beyond what prudence would suggest as safe to the health of the inmate, or that of the city. At most, it can shelter but a few hundreds more– while every lane in the city has its hundreds of starving poor– while every parish in the city swarms with THOUSANDS of destitute men, women, and children.

What, then, is to be done? Are the citizens of Cork, who can appear at a public meeting, to protest against giving relief to their fellow-citizens, because they are poor– because they are wasting away– because they are helpless, and at the mercy of the rich? Can it be possible that any man will publicly come forward, and oppose the only species of relief that can save thousands from death by starvation? Or; if they oppose Out-door Relief, what relief are they to substitute for it?– What is their plan?– who is to put it forth?

We write in haste; and shall, in the absence of fuller information as to the intended opposition, refer the reader to the emphatic observations of Dr. LYONS at yesterday’s meeting of the Health Committee.