DONERAILE, MAY 5.– A man named Galway was arrested by the Police, within two miles of this town for stealing a horse and killing him; he and his wretched family were actually partaking of soup made of the carcass when he was taken. He says he was without food for three days, and that he was on the look out for a sheep, a pig, or cow; but was disappointed, as those animals are all secured by night, and watched by day– so he had no recourse but horse flesh, to satisfy the cravings of his appetite, and the hunger of his starving children.

He is one of the small farmer class, a class which has suffered more than any other during the present awful visitation, as holding a few acres of ground disqualified it from receiving any aid from a Relief Committee, or employment under the Board of Works. Poor Galway held about twelve acres of healthy land, called a “reagh,” from George Crofts, Esq., Streamhill; and though never in good circumstances, used always to pay his rent, and has, I understand, even now some crops in the ground.

The Rev. Mr. Somerville, whose exertions in the cause of charity have been beyond any praise which the writer can bestow, but which have been duly appreciated by those who have benefitted by them, on hearing of the distress of Galway’s family, immediately sent a supply of provisions, and will take care that they shall not be driven to the same necessity again.

The unfortunate man whose horse was killed, is of the same class as Galway, and his principal means of support, this time back was ploughing for hire.

Both parties live in the Manor of Donoraile; but in justice to Lord Donoraile, it is fair to state, that he is paid for the whole Townland of Streamhill, comprising (mountain included) about 1,800 acres, only £14 per annum.

Galway has been sent to Gaol.