The fever and infection against which we have been warning our fellow citizens are making rapid progress through the lanes and alleys of this city. A gentleman informs us that the quarter, lying between Bandon Road and Friars Walk, is full of sickness and mortality. Three children of MORTY KELLEHER, of Farrissy’s Lane, off Bandon Road, lay dead of fever on the 7th inst., and the mother lay sick of the same disease. The house was extremely dangerous from dirt and contagion. And such is the condition of thousands of tenements and their tentants, in the city– nurseries of disease begotten of poverty, and impurity.

Again, and again we tell the healthier and more opulent portion of our fellow citizens, that the pestilence of the blind alleys may flow out into the open streets. Day by day our worst forebodings are proved true, and more deplorable results may be looked forward to, during the warm weather of the coming summer.