AN association for the above purpose has been formed in Ireland, the patroness of which is the Duchess of LEINSTER. The nature of it may be best understood from the following portion of its prospectus:–

At his time of unexampled and general distress, it is found that poverty and want are greatly increased, by there being no sale in the country parts of Ireland, for work done by its female peasantry in schools and in their own cabins. Some ladies in Dublin have taken into consideration the peculiar sufferings of this deserving class, and hope not only to afford present relief, but also to encourage habits of patient and persevering industry, by bringing into public notice the beautiful embroidery, lace-work, and fine knitting, &c. &c., executed by these poor people. With this object in view, they have formed an Association, and propose having a sale in Dublin in the latter end of April, or beginning of May, of work done exclusively by the female peasantry of Ireland.

It is requested that any person wishing to send work to the sale, will communicate before hand with one of the Secretaries, or some member of the Committee, specifying the kind and probably amount which will be ready on or before the 15th of April; stating also the condition of the district, as to the number and poverty of the workwomen and children employed, and whether the works be done in the cabins or in schools, and if the entire, or what proportions of the profits arising from the sale would go to the workers.

For the information of any ladies wishing to aid, by their adhesion and contributions a society so excellent, we may state that the Honorary Secretaries are Miss L. BEAUFORT, 9, Hatch Street, Dublin; Miss PILKINGTON, 13, Gardiner’s Place, Dublin; and Miss K. DOBBS, 34, Summer Hill, Dublin. We wish this association good success, and shall always be ready to do anything in our power to ensure it.