The Very Rev. Dr. Collins, P.P., and the Rev. Justin M’Carthy, R.C.C., waited on the Right Honourable Mr. Labouchere, at the Irish Office, Great Queen-street, Westminster, on Monday, for the purpose of pressing on his attention the necessity which exists for immediate and vigorous steps being taken to save the destitute poor of Ireland from the horrors of their present situation, and to entreat of him not to be influenced in any way, in the course which they hoped would be adopted to accomplish that most desirable result, by the proceedings or opinions of what is denominated the Irish party.

The Rev. Mr. Collins and the Rev. Mr. M’Carthy made representations to Mr. Labouchere, of a nature similar to those made to Lord John Russell, in their interview with him. The deputation, after some further remarks, which Mr. Labouchere listened to with much attention, withdrew, after first having expressed their acknowledgments for the courtesy with which they were received by the hon. gentleman. –Morning Chronicle.