SIR– It is with extreme regret that I find it necessary to bring under the notice of the public, through your invaluable journal, the awful misery and destitution that prevails throughout the entire of this district.

Were it possible to calculate to what extent of destitution the insufficiency of food brought the people of this district, it would be found that we have a greater amount of deaths, and a greater prevalence of disease than other parts of Ireland. In fact it beggars description and outrivals Skibbereen.

Every day is seen issuing from the Workhouse gate the dead-cart with three, four, or five of its dead inmates. This day the number of persons dead in the twenty-four hours were sixe. In its gloomy dead-house, at this moment, may be seen ten dead carcasses– nine inmates of the house, and one man found dead on a road leading to the town and sent into the Workhouse by the police authorities for the purpose of holding an inquest. This man died of starvation.

The deaths at the Workhouse are nothing, comparatively speaking, to the immense number outside its doors. Every exertion that can by any possibility be made has been made by the ladies of the town for the purpose of lessening the wants of the people, yet all to no purpose. –Their funds are insufficient to afford anything like relief.

Mr. Editor, it would be well if the attention of the Government were directed towards this particular locality. If something is not done, and that quickly, two-thirds of the population must unquestionably perish. It would also be well to solicit from all those persons who are disposed to alleviate the miseries of the people, and stay the hand of death, some trifling donations to carry out the benevolent intentions of the ladies of this town.

The poor of this town have lost one of their best friends, Mrs. Margaret Carberry. She died on the 2nd instant, from the effects of a fall. In a season of plenty, or otherwise, her hand was always extended towards the poor. –She is looked upon as a great public loss.

I remain, Mr. Editor, your’s, very respectfully,

R. C. W.