On Saturday a deputation, consisting of the principal Master Bakers in the city, waited on the Magistrates at the Police-office, and stated that in consequence of the present alarming height to which the disturbances in the city have risen, they should be compelled to close their shops and sell no more bread unless the court would ensure to them the protection of the military and police force. The court requested the deputation to attend at the office at 3 o’clock, at which time they would be able to enter into such arrangements as to secure to their body the required protection.

At the hour appointed, the Mayor, Mr. Fagan, and Mr. Lyons, together with Col. Beresford and Captain Price, County Inspector, were in attendance, and it was then agreed on that a party of the military should assemble at Tuckey-street guard-house every morning, at 11 o’clock, and then in company with a body of the police force, to patrol through the city until night, the shops of the bakers not to be opened until after the hour first mentioned. The deputation then withdrew, declaring themselves satisfied with this arrangement, which was carried into effect for the first time this morning.