INQUESTS have been held here, and the verdict in each of three melancholy cases was “death by starvation.” A family of the CRONINS, consisting of father, mother, and sone, lived at a place called the Windmill, about a mile from the town of Youghal. On the night of Tuesday last, the mother, MARGARET, and her son, PATRICK, died in the same bed with the father, MICHAEL, whom hunger had rendered so helpless that he could give them no assistance in their last struggle, nor even make their case known to the neighbours. “The verdict was death by starvation.” In the past week there was revealed another case of a still more horrible nature.

A person named Thomas Miller, from Ring, a place on the extreme coast, opposite Cable Island, came with his wife to Youghal, where they both offered for sale at an Apothecary’s shop, the dead body of a male child, aged seven years. The authorities were informed of the circumstance, and the parties were arrested. Upon being interrogated, they coolly acknowledged that this child was a nephew of theirs, who had died in their house, and that they brought him to the Doctors to get something for the body that would keep the life in themselves and their children.

The description they gave of their suffering was frightful in the extreme. On more than one occasion they had determined to kill and eat the cat, only they feared it would poison them. The verdict in the case of this child, too, was “death by starvation.” Such is the state of things in that locality; and while death is doing its work, about two hundred of the wretched tenants of Lord Ponsonby, in that neighbourhood, have been just served with notices of ejectment. What will become of the frame of Society? We shall give details in our next.