[FROM A CORRESPONDENT.] SKIBBEREEN, JAN. 14.– I send you some most distressing cases of destitution which came to my knowledge this day.

On yesterday, Joseph Driscoll, of Skull, Poor Rate Collector, went to the lands of Rissbrine, in the parish of East Skull, to collect rates, and on coming to the house of a man named Regan, the door was shut, when he repeatedly knocked at it to no effect, he then pushed in the door, and what was his astonishment to find three men dead in the house, and no other person in it but the three lifeless corpses?

He also told me that at a place called Drishane, in the same parish, there is a woman named Neill, dead since the 6th inst., and not buried as yet; and on Tuesday three children of her’s died, one boy and two girls, and that he thought the father was a corpse before this, as he was lying sick at the time.

On Sunday last a man was found dead at Gubbeen, who dropped on the road-side on the previous night, returning from one of the roads where he was employed under the Board of Works. This I have from the Poor Rate Collector.

In the parish of Kilmoe a man was found dead in a field, and a great part of his body eaten by the dogs; he remained so long there before he was seen, that he was not identified by any person, and was buried without a coffin, which is the common practice in that parish.

Disease and starvation are rapidly on the increase in this quarter.

A man dropped on Tuesday last at the west end of the town, returning from one of those roads; he was taken into the back house of the Police Barrack, to afford him some relief, but life was extinct.

Another death occurred at Union Hall from starvation on the same day.

So you see what a state this once plentiful country is now reduced to; and the general opinion is, that matters are not at the worst.