MALLOW THURSDAY.– A special meetng of the Guardians was held at the Workhouse on Tuesday. Mr. Bourke, A. P. L. C., was present.

The meeting was convened for the purpose of taking into consideration the present state of the house, which contains 300 more than the number for which it was originally built.

The Doctor reported that it would not be safe to admit any more paupers, and attributed the mortality, in a great measure, to the want of due attention to cleanliness, &c., the paupers having been permitted to wear their own filthy clothing.

The Master and Matron resigned, and the shcoolmaster got charge of the house pro tem.

The Guardians ought not permit the people to die of starvation, and should, at once, hire stores, &c. and convert them into temporary Workhouses.

The Coffin trade is the most flourishing one at present here.