A liberal subscription for the relief of the Irish distress has been set on foot by the Society of Friends, and they have established a central committee in Ireland, and one in London, for the right distribution of the funds which may be entrusted to them. A Quaker gentleman, William Forster, of Norwich, has kindly undertaken the painful task of visiting some of the most distressed districts, and is in communication with the committees. He has been able, in several places, to assist the few resident gentry and others in the establishment of soup kitchens and meal depots. He has been accompanied for some time by one of our fellow citizens, James H. Tuke. A subscription has been made among the Friends in this city; and, in the absence of any general arrangement, we are authorised to state that subscriptions from any who incline to avail themselves of this channel, will be received by Wm. Tuke, who is treasurer to the fund in York. –Yorkshireman.