AN Inquest was held on Thursday in Brogue Lane, in this Barony, before Justin Supple, Esq., Coroner, on the body of a man named Connell, a weaver. It appeared in evidence that the poor man had three children, the youngest four, and the eldest thirteen, whom, with a mother-in-law aged 70, he was endeavouring to support. Sickness seized on all, and for the last few weeks, it appeared they continued to live daily on something about penny worth of bread. At length nature sunk under the pressure, and the poor creature was found in a miserable room, six feet in circumference, dead, unwashed and unshaven, beside his two helpless children, and the old woman in a wad of straw, they being unable to crawl. The eldest child crept out yesterday to beg something for the rest, but even if she could bring anything it was too late. The two children and old woman must die from exhaustion. It was a picture too harrowing to contemplate, and too appalling to describe. The Coroner and Jury made up the price of a coffin, and the verdict was, “death by starvation.”