DEATH BY DESTITUTION AT MARYBOROUGH.— On Saturday last a labouring man, named Wm. Ftizpatrick, died at Ter-lane, Maryborough. From the evidence given at the inquest an intelligent jury found for their verdict that the deceased died of want and destitution. Language is inadequate to describe the horrifying misery with which the deceased was encompassed. The night he died, we understand, there was neither fire nor candle-light in the wretched hovel– no drink to allay the death-thirst of his parched lips but cold water; while his bed was a wisp of straw, on a damp floor, with little or no covering. It appeared that his wretched wife had neither food nor covering for her four children. They were unanimous in their verdict that the deceased died of want and destitution. –Leinster Express.

DEATH FROM HUNGER.— Again has starvation sent another victim to his account in this unfortunate county. Mr. John Atkinson, coroner, held an inquest in Ballina, on Tuesday, on view of body of Hugh Daly. Dr. Whittaker, who made a post mortem examination of the body, gave it as his opinion that deceased died for want of sufficiency of food. –Mayo Telegraph.

ANOTHER DEATH FROM HUNGER.— On last week a man named Clary, of Knocknobonla, in the parish of Kilmeena, a tenant of Sir Richard O’Donel’s, dropped dead after coming in from work. The death of this unhappy man was, we learn, caused by starvation and hardship. Ibid.

DEATHS FROM STARVATION.— We regret to state on the authority of Mr. Nimmo, C.E., that two men named Thomas Carter and Jas. Davin, of the village of Pullough, have died this week from starvation, having been unable to procure food or employment. –Gallway Mercury.