A CORRESPONDENT, who writes from Youghal, represents the distress in that district, to which public works gave a temporary check, as again increasing in consequence of their cessation. “On last Monday, he says, a number of men who were employed in repairing roads in the outskirts of the town, were thrown idle, the reason of which I have not discovered. What heart would not be softened to compassion at the sight of the pallid faces and despairing countenances of those poor creatures going to their desolate homes to mingle their tears with their unfortunate wives and children, fathers and mothers. I have seen persons from the mountainous districts who told me they were 3 days fasting trudging almost lifeless into town unable to bear the weight of their emaciated frames to get 2 or 3 lb. of Indian meal for 3 days subsistence.”

In proof of the extent to which death is caused by these privations our correspondent refers to the quantity of coffins sold, which never before were in so much request.