An inquest was held on Monday last, before Francis Twiss, Esq., Coroner, on the body of a poor labouring man, named John Botend, of Ballireanig, to the west of Dingle, who fell on the new road there making, and expired immediately after being carried to his residence. The verdict was “he came by his death from hunger and cold.”

On Tuesday, the following day, an inquest was also held on the body of John Browne, Kilquane, who died on the road from Tralee through Littlerough to Dingle on Monday last, as he was on his way from the Workhouse at Tralee to Dingle– fell on the road and was taken into a farmer’s house at Kiloummen– and expired in a few hours after. The Verdict was “that John Browne, being in the Union Workhouse and making his way home to Dingle, a distance of over 30 miles, died of fatigue and weakness.” –Kerry Examiner.

STARVATION.– Thursday last Mr. Atkinson, coroner, held an inquest on the body of Thomas Hopkins, at Rathnagh, near Crossmolina, county Mayo. Patrick Langan, son-in-law to the deceased, deposed that the family consisted of five children, himself, his wife, and deceased, and that they had been for the last six weeks subsisting on a scanty morsel on some days, and on others were obliged to remain without it; witness is certain that want of food was the cause of death. Dr. McNair examined the body, and corroborated the testimony of the witness, and the jury returned a verdict accordingly.

ANOTHER DEATH FROM STARVATION.– On Wednesday last a poor man named Williams, from the neighbourhood of Foxford, left his residence for the purpose of seeking admission into the Swinford poor-house; when he had proceeded about half way he sunk exhausted from hunger, and after having been conveyed into a neighbouring house he expired. Such is the fearful destitution prevalent in that district that there are nearly 200 paupers more in the Swinford union workhouse than the house was intended to contain. –Mayo Constitution.