It affords us great pleasure to be able to state that the dissatisfaction felt by the people at the system of task work introduced by the Board of Works has been entirely removed. At first that system was considered harsh and oppressive, and the opposition to it was increased by the delay in paying the workmen their wages, which was not done until the work had been measured, several days, perhaps, after it had been finished. A judicious change has been made in that part of the system. The labourers are now paid “on account.” They get a certain sum to purchase food while the task work is being proceeded with, and the remainder after it has been executed and measured.

This necessary and prudent regulation has been attended with the best results. The people have taken the advice of their friends, have given the system of task work a fair trial, and are now fully satisfied with it. All opposition to it has been given up, and the public works are now proceeded with under the system with order, peace, and regularity, and without any necessity on the part of government to employ force, or call in the aid of the police or military to have its orders carried into effect. –Freeman’s Journal.