CLONMEL, NOVEMBER, 2.–A very important meeting took place here to-day. It originated with the Society of Friends (male and female), whose character for humanity and benevolence is so well known and appreciated. On this painfully-interesting occasion, the great principle of charity was well sustained, all sects and classes having cheerfully promised to co-operate with the good men who set on foot a subscription for the purpose of establishing in Clonmel a soup depot, where a substantial nutritious article might be obtained by all in need of it at a merely nominal price.

According to the present arrangement it is expected that the committee will be able to give out daily 400 gallons, at about one penny per quart, and that the decreasing fund will be aided by occasional contributions. Upwards of £100 were subscribed on the spot, with a promise of further aid when required. By Saturday, I expect, the soup will be in process of distribution; and I have the assurance of a leading member of the committee, that the materials will be of the very best description.–Evening Post.