LET those who may yet doubt the statements frequently made in this journal, as grounds for calling on the Government and the officials of the Board of Works to do their duty, by procuring cheap food and sufficient employment for the people, read with attention the letter of our Special Reporter, who writes from Castletownroche, and describes what he has himself seen and heard, and be convinced that we have not exaggerated the misery to which the labouring population are reduced by the total destruction of their once-abundant means of comfort and support.

We would rather direct attention to the letter itself than make any comments of our own. We shall therefore only say that the letter in question proves the necessity of Government depots, to supply cheap food, and to lower the price of food– the negligence and inactivity, hitherto, of the Board of Works, and of attention and activity for the future; and it also proves that were it not for the influence of the Catholic Clergy– stronger than a legion of bayonets, more potent than a park of artillery– the famine-stricken people would, ere this, have been in open insurrection. Let the Rev. Mr. FITZPATRICK stand, this day, as a type of his order, and his acts as an illustration of the influence ever exerted in a good and holy cause.

Our Reporter gives two additional instances of deaths from starvation!