SIR,– On yesterday morning the 7th instant, on my way to the Union-house in company with my three destitute children, so as to receive some relief in getting some Indian Meal porridge, to our great mortification the two sides of the road were lined with police and infantry– muskets, with screwed bayonets and knapsacks filled with powder and ball, ready prepared to slaughter us, hungry victims.

Gracious heaven, said I, are these what Lord John Russell sent us in lieu of Commissary officers with depots and granaries full of flour and meal under their control, to alleviate the wants of the destitute poor, such as that great statesman Sir Robert Peel had done?

Sir, I have heard a great deal of vain boasting, and philanthropic acts which were to be done by Whigs and Liberals if they were in power.

But I, say, if the Devil himself had the reins of Government from her Britannic Majesty he could not give worse food to her subjects, or more pernicious, than powder and ball.

I am Sir, yours truly,