On Wednesday last a numerous body of labouring men, from the district of Shanagarry, came into the town of Cloyne, and, after exhibiting their force for the purpose of intimidating the shopkeepers, proceeded to rifle the flour and provision shops. The bakers, seeing that resistance was completely useless, thought they might as well permit it with a good grace, and for the purpose of protecting their remaining property, generously distributed their loaves to the hungry claimants who retired without committing further injury.

We have heard that a similar demonstration took place on yesterday in Castlemartyr, and that the labourers were not satisfied until they were similarly feasted.

It was rumoured on this morning that Moore Park, the residence of Lord Mountcashel, has been attacked on yesterday and a quantity of Indian corn, stored in an out house for the use of the tenantry, abstracted. On inquiry, however, it has been ascertained that no such outrage was committed, nor was there any attempt to warrant even the rumour.