The first Extraordinary Presentment Sessions, under the new act, was held on Monday at Dungarvan, for the Barony of Decies of within Drum; but we regret to say that the impoverished labourers assembled in great numbers, thinking to intimidate the assembled cesspayers and magistrates to pass presentments for immediate works not considering for a moment their utility or the repayment of the outlay fo them. The riotous conduct of those assembled created considerable alarm, and the majority of the shops were closed during the day. The magistrates ordered out the military and police, but they were hooted and pelted with stones. One fellow was arrested in the act of throwing a stone at the County Inspector, who escaped without receiving much injury, though struck by it. Constable Wall also received a blow of a stone, but without much damage to his person and one soldier of the 27th regiment received a desperate cut in the face from a missile thrown by one of the mob. The forbearance of the police and military was very great under the trying scenes passing before them as they refrained from dealing “death blows” from their muskets in return for the many injuries attempted to be inflicted upon them, and for which they deserve the gratitude and esteem of the well disposed of the people of Dungarvan. The few persons which they arrested were safely lodged in prison. The excitement continued throughout the day, but as the evening closed tranquility gained the ascendancy, and the inhabitants were allowed to seek repose, after a day spent in uncertainty and intimidation, and one that threatened their lives and property with certain destruction.–Waterford Freeman.