Last week, a meeting of the wealthiest landlords took place at Fermanagh, for the purpose of considering the state of the poor and the late ministerial measure for their relief. Entertaining with the rest of the landlords of the country dome objections to the Labour Rate Bill, they have come to a timely resolution of taking the matter into their own hands, and, by providing employment and sustenance for the distressed population on their own properties, diminishing the taxation which should necessarily press on them for the promotion of Public Works. There are eight baronies in Fermanagh, and to each has been assigned a committee of the first men in the county. They have arranged the days for consecutive meetings, and wherever it is resolved that private employment cannot be sufficiently furnished, they will avail themselves of the provisions of the government enactment. So, this last works well. It is not only beneficent in itself, but the cause of beneficence in others. The landlords are beginning to feel the strong pressure from abroad, and are compelled to obey the general coercion in a manner which promises the greatest advantages to the country. The landlords of Fermanagh have resolved to establish– with the consent of government, a provision depot in Enniskillen and to have prepared in their respective localities such a stock of Indian meal as will effectively secure the people against the chance of distress. This is an example which it were well to follow throughout Ireland– in districts too, which are suffering from treble the destitution of the county of Fermanagh.